Batteries Recharged.

It has been a while since my last post and this one will not be very long-winded, I hope so far that everyone has had a good and productive year with the first month of the year closing out only a few days ago.

Lately, I have had a perpetual desire to improve in every aspect of my personal characteristics and traits. Spiritually, intellectually, financially, physically and so on. So I have adopted a new saying for my self that is “addicted to improvement” and every time I am tempted to make the same choices I have made in the past regarding several similar situations I repeat that phrase in my head and am able to break myself away from normally made choices. It is tough!!!! yesterday I just wanted some curly fries and a cheeseburger… I was tired and ready to go home and sit down… but instead, I skipped the fast food.. put some chicken and veggies with seasonings in a crock pot, ate two scoops of peanut butter and went to the gym all while repeating.. “addicted to improvement”.

All that being said I just wanted to encourage people to challenge your regular habits when you want to be lazy DONT. When you want to give in DONT. No matter what it is, go against yourself and see what type of better habits you can form after all if you can create bad habits you can create good ones…

by the way… it feels good to be back writing again. and I will get back on track, thank you to those that take the time to read.

Addicted to Improvement.battery_charge


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