Lost in a Kaleidoscope

Lately, I have had a serious issue with focusing on one task at a time. I do not lack motivation at all but I do tend to inundate my mind with too many ideas at once and then I end up letting one task interrupt the next because my vision overlaps itself. (If that makes any sense)

Put it this way when I start one thing I am already envisioning how the next task can enhance the task I originally began and so I end up putting 50% effort toward both. I have heard and read that tendency can be very detrimental to growth overall because, in the end, you end up being a “jack of all trades, master of none”, that is a statement I have always been familiar with. I need to learn to hone my ambition and lock-in the focus in order to master one task at a time.

Early on I had always heard my father say in the past to “apply yourself” that was one thing he said to me constantly when I was young running around with a high-pitched voice and high-top fade. I believe my father recognized talents and abilities that I had no idea of, but I also believe he saw that my mind was so imaginative and scattered as well because I would always be into different things at once, so my application in circumstances lacked.

As I have now grown into adulthood those two words he drilled in have become more valuable to my daily life and although I have been blessed beyond measure with the continuity of life I am still in a battle with my lack of goal organization. I would describe my vision like looking through a kaleidoscope i.e. there are so many beautiful colors, shapes and activities going on at once that I fail to see how each one compliments the next to create the entire picture.

Today begins the last month of the year 2017, and I have an absolute vision of welcoming 2018 with a thunderous vigor of success, more importantly, I desire to enter 2018 with aligned and sequential focus so that each goal and accomplishment will catapult the next.

Here is a list of 4 questions that I have for you as a reader that I am sure many of us could use as a reminder to stay on task, this can be your early Christmas gift to more people that you know, thank you for your precious time and sharing. Welcome to December 17’ Blast The Christmas music all month long!!! Happy Holidays.

  1. So how do you focus?
  2. How do you follow the steps and allow your vision to flow?
  3. What do you do to improve your process?
  4. What is your method of Mastery vs Overload?

Live. Learn. Laugh

2 Replies to “Lost in a Kaleidoscope”

  1. I think key to focusing is being in the right mindset. If you’re exhausted or hungry, your attention is going to wander more often. If you are worried about upcoming exams, you’ll constantly go back and forth between “I need to study for this, but that is due tomorrow” and end up not producing quality work for either. I find something incredibly motivating to focus is to schedule everything out in advance. If I know I’m only working on a project for 2 hours on Wednesday and Thursday, then on Monday and Tuesday I won’t think about it at all! I won’t even pull up a basic document or sketch. On Wednesday and Thursday I do the best I can to finish whatever it was I planned because I don’t want it to interfere with what I have planned Friday (something fun). My motivating force is knowing I only have that time slot.

    Also, no cell phones!

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    1. Truly thank you so much for taking the time to read and evaluate this. Fortunately for me, I do not necessarily have exams anymore (graduated undergrad 2yrs ago) but truthfully you are correct and that is awesome advice. Planning in advance so that you have a set time and schedule to allocate to specific tasks definitely keeps the mind from wandering to several places at once. I am enrolled in some online classes to teach myself programming languages so I will have tests and quizzes to some capacity so I will utilize this method. I recently have started writing things more down, so that I remember daily goals though it has been difficult I understand that you have to make a conscious effort to make it a habit. Again thank you for taking the time to read and truly evaluate the article your advice has helped me and can surely help others.

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