What Does It Mean to You?

Back to Business.

Sorry for taking so long for a post update. Last week was pretty busy, “The 9-5” had me in a headlock for a few days trying to meet surprise deadlines. On top of that, I was trying to prepare for my college Homecoming which was pretty demanding but everything turned out well. A group of us alumni came together a few years ago to showcase an event titled “The Echelon” which is themed to be a more elegant style party and reunion for all of the alumni from UT Arlington. This year was our third year in a row to host the event and judging by the feedback we have gotten so far people really enjoyed themselves. So that is three years in a row that the event has been successful and I will be posting pictures soon.

Hope everyone has been doing well. I feel like I have not talked to everyone in a while, having several meetings and conference calls back to back will wear a person out. Exciting News! @Seek.Further on Instagram page is now LIVE and I am reading, listening and researching ways to grow that organically as well as making sure I keep content on there that will keep you all engaged and excited but most of all motivated.Capture

One of the interesting concepts and methods that influencers say to grow your page is to “follow and interact with a page like yours”. Hmm, the only difficulty I am running into with that is that I have not exactly found a page like mine, most other male blogs are typically about fashion and to narrow that down I have not even seen any other minority blogs that resemble my own or my specific niche. Not to say that they are not out there but I am just not sure of where they are. Fashion is cool do not get me wrong, travel is desired, and lifestyle changes are the outlook of this but to do those things you have to mold your mind first. The purpose of our conversations is to spark the beginning process inside your intellect and heart so that you can pursue the successes that are meant for you, not everyone’s definition of success is living a luxury lifestyle with designer apparel, nice cars, and trips. Some define success as helping a homeless man/woman get off the street, being the driving force behind a child’s self-esteem, volunteering, getting away from a bad habit, or looking at the brighter side of things during the day. Those are all different types of victories or successes that we may have.

There is no uniform definition of Success, it is crafted individually. What is YOUR definition of success today? How will you get there? What may I do to help you achieve that? Let’s talk about it and bring that to life.

Thank you humbly for being patient and taking the time to talk with me this morning. Hope you have had breakfast, some tea, coffee, water or protein shake lol. Keep your body fueled so that your mind can stay sharp. Let’s all have a Success filled Tuesday and continue to Live.Learn.Laugh.20688439_111774566155128_6642661007711797248_n

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