“What we gonna do right here is go back”

Tacky clothing combinations, scraped knees, missing teeth and a colorful imagination that overruled logic and practicality by far. This for several of us was our childhood. “The good ole days” as often referred to. Bittersweet Symphonies often replay in my mind of enjoying running streets getting into trouble with my parents for doing the most idiotic things. British Knight sneakers scuffed from running around, know when the street lights came on it was time to go inside but never listened. Always thinking to myself I cannot wait to be a “grown-up” as MC-Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” two-sided cassette would blare through the flat, bass-less, foam padded headphones of a Sony Walkman, drinking “Red” Kool-Aid, while Nickelodeons “All That” played in the background.giphy (5)

T.G.I.F. was the best as well as the only way to spend Friday evening besides riding a bike around blocks where I was not supposed to be or spending the night at friends’ places finding trouble to get into.  We were Rugrats with too much curiosity.

Younger days of the early and mid-90s came with, hip-hop, sports, girls, cartoons and school were the 4 things on my list (in that order, unfortunately) Smelled Like Teen Spirit. MTV even still played music videos, good shows and made us all wish or spring breaks!!!!giphy (4)


This was the pinnacle time of life so we had to make sure that we were No Scrubs. Gear had to be fresh, fashion consisted of the illest sneakers, tracksuits (velour and nylon), denim on denim, overalls, baggy jeans, jerseys, bomber jackets and all types of extra things that I am not naming for the sake of time, plus everything must be Name Brand!! or you would get clowned haha. Most of the time things purposely did not fit but still coordinated in the most miraculous ways. Don’t forget your ball  cap or fresh haircut!!00f816edab0868c3aa89e2145e31f858


Bringing all these ingredients together probably awarded you a Semi-Charmed Kind of Life, not to mention you were probably kind of the buzz and it was all because This Is How We Do It. Being a Fresh Prince was the ambition of every guy in school it was the formula to the fly honeys like Mariah.

(EVERY young boy ‘s crush at some point in the 90s). 19313b0aba3a1263693b7b5060234ba5--mariah-carey-s-mariah-carey-photoshoot

Shows and cartoons were meaningful, family oriented and funny most of the time. Below are just to name a few the list could go on and on. What were some of your favorites??


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(Sigh) The reminiscence of simple more fun-filled days when bills and expenses were not even a thought. There were a lot of great times that I wish I could elaborate. The point is, take today to think back to the days of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Lunchables, Barbies, bad hairdos and when playing outside was the thing to do. What are some of your BEST young memories? Let’s share some laughs. Take your mind back to the time when you knew you could be anything you set your mind to, the thoughts will motivate you to keep striving, remembering that you are full of life and adventure. Take today and throwback to some 90s jams, smile, dance, and have some fun. Thank you humbly for going back in time and sharing your time with me. Don’t stress so much, be joyful, motivated and seek further. PEACE. Ha-hatenor


Live. Learn. Laugh

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