After a weekend of costumed celebrations, Stranger Things Season 2, Sunday Football, 2017 World Series and numerous other events we are back to Monday. A day that quite honestly a lot of us dread, we spend our weekends trying to strategically calculate and alter time so that Monday does not come. Well, when someone figures that out please distribute that information in mass quantities, thank you.

Until then perhaps Monday could be looked at this way, it is the beginning of another week that you could start something new (not that you have to wait for Monday for that). It is a fresh new day to unveil endless possibilities. To change your work habits, to change your personal habits or routine. The factor that is MOST important about a fresh Monday that everyone complains (but shouldn’t) is this.. YOU ARE ALIVE TO SEE IT (Read that as many times as you need to and let it sink in). Some people did not make it through the weekend, some people do not have an occupation or anything at all for that matter. I am not trying to preach but I am trying to make sure that I remind you and myself to appreciate breathing. I still struggle with this some days myself, like “ugh why can’t I just have ____ or why can’t I just be _____?” Alternatively, we should just say “thank you God for ____ and thank you, Monday I am glad to see it again”, be grateful for your job or line of work, be grateful to wake up, be grateful that you’re healthy or whatever it is that you’re struggling with, look at the upside and consider this you did not wake up outside under a bridge with nothing this morning, did you?

We all have our pitfalls of course, that is part of life and maturing but do not stay there, remember thoughts become things and your mind hears you. The words you speak in silence and audibly are both heard by you, so when we hear someone humorously ask “Do you hear yourself?” the answer is yes. Listen, I get it maybe you are not where you want to be and that is okay, every structure needs foundation first so that does not mean you cannot or will not get there. Let’s say this together “Seek Further, difference begins with a decision.” (seriously, if you have heard me speak you can hear my voice). These are words I repeat to myself all day and night so that I can manifest them into my daily walk. Positive affirmations are literally healthy for your mind, they spark imagination, and ignite that euphoric part of you that meticulously paints pictures of what you want out of life, they will pull you of the sunken place. Don’t believe me? Read this

What does the scenery look like in your mind when consciously motivate yourself?? Tell Me, I want to know(Put it in the comments below I’m excited to know). Here is a brief description of my daily motivation. A mild Saturday afternoon, 77°F, in the Spring around sunset, palm trees swaying, with a 5-7MPH breeze, cruising up a winding road close to beach sand glistening like diamonds, stopping the car escorting my blind- folded parents out of the vehicle, revealing their eyes to thisParents 31696_seacliff_laguna_beach_02_720and handing them keys to it all.

So All-in-All I do not really complain about Mondays anymore (for the most part) I see them as privileges and days to drive harder to achieve. I hope that you will too after reading this. Say those words again to yourself, write them down where you can see them and if there are ways that I can help keep you motivated let me know. Thank you humbly for your time and conversation, now go enjoy your Monday.

Live. Learn Laugh

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