Dinner with The Ex..

Cooking has always appealed to me as an art form a way to express creativity, making food is a lot like editing photos measuring and testing different seasonings like photo filters carefully making sure I don’t over or under-season anything, experimenting with different contrasts introducing different dishes that can complement the colors of each other, and making sure that before you serve/post that the presentation is precise, tasteful and well done.

Though I was not formally taught how to cook by my parents (no disrespect to them) I learned by paying attention to them. They fed me VERY well and I fortunately was able to pick up on different skills and signs of how to prepare things. In addition to the fact that I am ALWAYS hungry (shout out to high metabolism). Over the years I have improved at things, while others still need some practice (haha) but nevertheless I enjoy trying to prepare new cuisines but even more eating new cuisines. (By the way I dare someone to try to make better pancakes than me, you already lost, just kidding…but for real.)

 [Disclaimer: Apologies to vegans and vegetarians I plan to experiment with that lifestyle soon]

“Last Night’s Dinner with the Ex”

One thick cut Pork Chop, with a great lean/fat ratio moderately dusted with a mix of turmeric, sea salt, paprika and granulated onion powder seared with extra virgin olive oil and fresh minced garlic. After both sides showcased a light brown desired crisp the chop was laid in a foiled pan for about 15-20 min on 385°F allowing the flavors to embrace every striation.

While waiting, decided to add some diced golden potatoes in and threw them in a mix with a dash of sea salt, cayenne pepper, powdered sage and spot of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to add their own presence to this dinner endeavor and also to double as flavor sponges for the juice that would flow from the pork chop since the two will share plate space.

Opening the oven door, it appears that the main course was prepared and sizzling joyously with its savory aromas filling the kitchen air, plated the perfected pork chop on a snow-white, square, IKEA plate as its final positioning and topped with a half fist full of diced sautéed red onions and a three fingertipped pinch of fresh cut parsley.

To add the Emeril Legasse “BAM!” of color, as well as a healthy balance and fresh cleanse to the palette two 40°F chilled, ripe and perfectly green avocados that need no additional seasons or flavor additions. Sliced and placed in the NW corner of the plate.

Blue lagoon candle burning, house accent lights illuminating softly in the ceiling and a half pour of Domaine Prunier Chassagne-Montrachet Chardonnay served in a slightly frosted stemless glass.

This all took about 45 minutes for “the Ex” to prepare and about 7-8 minutes to devour. Chop was cooked well, tender, steaming hot and bursting with flavor, potatoes firm with a slight crunch and avocado green, cool and refreshing. The chardonnay with bright apple and pear notes to reveal fresh citrus and tropical fruit on the vanilla-tinged palate rehabilitating for every morsel and watching Sling TV. It was a great night.


Oh, by the way “The Ex” is me, well actually “X”…My middle initial.

Thank you humbly for stepping back into the kitchen with me, hope you enjoyed the meal as well, let me know if you might like some more specific tips on how the meal was prepared, next time we can do breakfast. Be blessed.



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