Not My Lifestyle…. Cont.

Now that he is gone I can get back to my escape route…

Do not get me wrong, it is not that I absolutely despise this place (most days) or anything like that because the associates are tolerable but, I will say that I am beginning to see that “daily middle-class routine(no offense)” kick in…

Open one eye to look at the clock, make groggy/I don’t want to get up noises for a few minutes, finally take the last sigh and say to myself “here we go” then throw the sheet off in annoyance, apply tooth brush and toothpaste of whatever brand was on sale, splash my face with warm water and Irish Spring soap, apply a nickel-sized amount of Nivea lotion in the palm of my hand and cover normal ashy areas etc., spray my beard with a 50/50 of water and essential oils and comb, then lastly take out my 80lb son (my pit bull) outside to use the restroom, come back inside look at the clock, no time for breakfast so I proceed to leave home…

Drive the same route, walk through the same 3 doors, and pass through each space daily. First, through the warehouse where a lung asphyxiating invisible layer of Marlboro cigarette smoke floats. Second, the break room walls that reek from years of coffee fume abuse “Dark Magic Select” to be exact. Lastly, into the main building that has the overpowering stench of “this is your life for the next 10 years if you don’t make moves” and if you listen closely you can hear Squints’ echoing on  repeat all the way from The Sandlot saying “FOR-EV-ERR”. 200(THAT IS EASILY THE WORST ONE).




I do realize routines can teach great habitual factors but THIS is not me, and may not be for you either. [Disclaimer]: Not everyone feels this way about their jobs to be perfectly honest and that is great too. If you wake up perpetually loving what you do for a living that is FANTASTIC! I am looking for that, I just thoroughly do not believe I am going to find that behind a desk, in a cubicle, or spending every day in the same office building.

This is NOT the lifestyle envisioned, the globe is filled with too much adventure, culture, beauty, mystery, history, and opportunity to say checkmate here. We have passports to fill up, flyer miles to earn, exotic cuisines to eat, pictures and experiences to capture.

Difference Begins with A Decision (Repeat this, and write it down as a note to yourself everyday), There is more to life than where you currently are, and I want you all to know that as well. Not demanding that you have to do extraordinary things daily but, just to remind you know that LIFE is ALWAYS accepting applications, you just have to apply.

Thank you humbly, for having this conversation with me this morning I hope you enjoyed our talk as well and when you take your next break you should have a short talk with yourself and ask “Is this My lifestyle??”

Have a blessed day.

Seek Further. Live.Learn.Laugh.


2 Replies to “Not My Lifestyle…. Cont.”

  1. Love this! I also feel the same way, I’m ready to live a more fulfilled life. I think that’s what sets entrepreneurs apart is that we don’t just settle for the everyday routine. We don’t settle for just a “job”. We want to be able to do what we love while having the freedom to make our own schedule & live life on our own terms. Keep going 🙂


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