Not My Lifestyle…

“This is what a good dream looks like until sabotaged.” 

Ahhh, the morning, combinations of cell phone noise notifications at max volume blaring right next to my ear day in and day out, to wake me up unwillingly at a time of morning that I do not want to be up, to put on clothes that I do not want to wear, all to conclusively drive to a job that I do not want to be at, to talk to people that aren’t exactly terrible but none that I would invite over my place of residence to share my Simply Lemonade with.

Does this scene sound familiar???

I am fairly positive it does for the majority of us.. “Us” meaning “The 95%”, the everyday guy/girl, the blue collar worker, the working middle class (these titles just sound wonderful don’t they?) they all have the same foundation and connotation of the saying “your average Joe” this is what All of the aforementioned titles share. Average-ness.

BLAH. Sure for a certain percentage of people this is their peak, their Everest, this is all they have ever striven to be, to conduct their lives as the generations before them and follow the rules of the ones that followed rules like them as in “go to school, get good grades, get a job” they forgot to mention some of the fine print in between… “go to a private school with privileged individuals, get good grades if you have to, unless you’re already wealthy then don’t worry about grades, lastly if you are going to get a job make sure that your job is actually in one of the fields that several don’t excel in at school (Math/Science).” Yea ALL of that fine print and there is much more in the handbook of tricks through education, which has yet to be shared among general population…

Interestingly enough I wrote this article while sitting in my office at my job that I earned by following the set forth rules. I went to school, got good (enough lol) grades, and Voila!! I got a job…. So then if I was completely fulfilled and satisfied why am I writing this article as an escape from my personal Alcatraz instead of focusing on what I am employed to do???… parents will say “things take time..” or “you will grow into it..” or “maybe you should go back to school for Masters/Special Certifications etc.” Lastly my personal favorite (enter sarcasm) “this is just what you HAVE to deal with…”  to which I reply… “Says Who?”…

No.1, things do take time but, time does not give back so why am I forced to use the limited time I do have to do things that I don’t have a passion for.

No.2, back to school, to get certified and be specialized further in things I don’t truly have a passion for… see my point? Is this really what life is?? Haha (this is a sarcastic chuckle)….What happened to all the promises and things made by my teachers and professors that I would be “successful” and prosper blah blah blah?

Instead I have a mound of debt that is owed to one of the “1-800..” numbers that call my phone on a daily basis. On top of that my personal home mailbox is packed with so many envelops that it is starting to look like some type of Air conditioner filter…..

No.3, I do not believe I HAVE to deal with/put up with some of the daily office politics (Not the terms I really want to use lol) at all, there is waaayy too much opportunity awaiting…

Difference begins with a decision… THIS IS NOT MY LIFESTYLE….

Uh oh.. I can hear my supervisors footsteps walking up…time to get back in “proper” mode…… *switches computer screen* “Hey boss how was your boy scout trip?”..

I’ll be back…..

2 Replies to “Not My Lifestyle…”

  1. I can’t decide if it makes more sense to settle with a career you don’t love, just to have a job to do the things you’re passionate about or if the dream of a fulfilling career is what should be pursued.


  2. Love this post! I think about this all the time in reference to me pursuing a law degree. I love the idea but I am also really passionate about other things in life like…leisure lol. This life balance between what you “have” to do and what you want to do is still something I struggle with *sigh*


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